Proyecto Uno, Zona Poniente, Zacatecas


Derek Lounsbury and Jaron Brown




Build a hydrologic model of the runoff for two basins in the western part of the city of Zacatecas, where urban growth has caused a change in land use.  The effects of this land use change on runoff are unknown and need to be studied.





            Zacatecas, as capital city of the State of Zacatecas, in recent years has grown considerably due to its economic, political, and social status within the State.  By current growth rates, the area west of Zacatecas will experience tremendous growth between 2004 and 2030, and this growth has led to a large increase in the civil infrastructure; this change of land from natural or agricultural use has important ramifications on the geophysical nature of watershed and the resulting runoff.  In order to understand and quantify these effects on the runoff, hydrologic studies of the situation are needed, and a comparative analysis of future and current conditions will take place.




  • Acquire digital maps of terrain, elevation, land use, soil type, etc…
  • Obtain precipitation data to define design storms (IDF Curves, etc…)
  • Delineate the basins in question and obtain geometric and geomorphologic parameters
  • Model the runoff within the drainage systems using current and future conditions and compare the two
  • Quantify hydrographs and peak discharges, and find the temporal and spatial distributions within the basins for storms of differing return periods.
  • Analytical comparisons for the results of the models









Delineate watershed

12 Feb


Find rainfall data

12 Feb


Obtain other pertinent maps (soil type, land use, region to be developed)

19 Feb


Put it all together

5 Mar


Presentable product

12 Mar

Take it to Mexico

16 Mar



Potential Problems:


Difficulty finding data, synthesis of material, future developed areas


Areas to Develop within the project


  • Create IDF curves
  • Quantify hydrographs