Tamara Rabadi was born in the United States of America but spent her whole life in the Middle East, Jordan. She speaks both Arabic and English fluently. She started school in fall 2004 at BYU majoring in civil engineering after graduating from the national orthodox school in Jordan.As for her work experience, she has just finished a shallow water structure project for the Utah department of transportation. The research included the studying already existing structure and the effect they have in diverting the flow of water in several Utah rivers. The job included visiting many sites. She iscurrently working as a technical support assistant for water modeling programs (GMS, SMS, and WMS) with a private company, Aquaveo.

An important aspect in her life is her family. Her father, working in the World Meteorological Organization, and her mother, working as a head principle in one of Jordanís best high schools, are the role models in her life. They are well-educated and very open minded. She also has a brother and a sister who she is very proud of. She enjoys traveling around the world and getting to know new people and exchanging cultures.