Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

International Challenges in Water Resources Syllabus


  • Exposure to engineering practice in an international setting (Mexico and Dominican Republic)
  • Develop a broader vision of how engineering makes a difference in the world
  • Direct application of your education
  • Confidence in sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Learn to work and collaborate as an international, multi-cultural team
  • Learn Spanish in the engineering profession
  • Broaden communication and presentation skills in an international environment

Class MWF 3:00-3:50 254 CB


Day Date Topic Instructor(s)
Monday Jan 7 Introduction, Team formation, MBTI  Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito, Pate
Wednesday Jan 9 Language (La comida y los alimentos)
Friday Jan 11 No Class  
Monday Jan 14 Vision, project management, scope of work  
Wednesday Jan 16 History/Culture Breakout  
Friday Jan 18 No Class  
Monday Jan 21 No Class-Holiday  
Wednesday Jan 23 Communicating results, team functioning? Nelson/Hotchkiss/Saito
Friday Jan 25 No Class  
Monday Jan 28 Language (Para introducirse)  
Wednesday Jan 30 History/Culture Breakout  
Friday Feb 1 No Class  
Monday Feb 4 Language (La navegacion)  
Wednesday Feb 6 Scope and Project Plan Presentations Nelson/Hotchkiss/Saito
Friday Feb 8  No Class  
Monday Feb 11 Language (El dinero e ir de compras)  
Wednesday Feb 13 Project Updates, team check in Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Friday Feb 15 No Class  
Monday Feb 18 No Class-Holiday  
Tuesday Feb 19 Language (Hablando de la familia) Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Wednesday Feb 20 Project Updates, team check in  
Friday Feb 22 No Class  
Monday Feb 25 Language  
Wednesday Feb 27 Safety, Protocol, and other guidelines  Kennedy Center
Friday Mar 1  No Class  
Monday Mar 4 Language  
Wednesday Mar 6 Project Updates, team check in
Friday Mar 8 No Class  
Monday Mar 11 Language  
Wednesday Mar 13 Trip check in  
Friday Mar 15 No Class  
Monday Mar 18 Out of Country Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Wednesday Mar 20 Out of Country Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Friday Mar 22 Out of Country Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Monday Mar 25 Out of Country Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Wednesday Mar 27 Decompression Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Friday Mar 29 No Class  
Monday Apr 1 No Class  
Wednesday Apr 3 Wrapping things up meeting Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Friday Apr 5  No Class  
Monday Apr 8 No Class  
Wednesday Apr 10 Class Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
Friday Apr 12 No Class  
Monday Apr 15 Final Class Nelson, Hotchkiss, Saito
    Final Exam  


Team Assignments

Project Scope of Work 75
Weekly Status Memos 50
Final Report and Presentation 125
Poster 25
Logistics Help 25
Total 300


Project Scope of Work

Your team must prepare an outline of your project, including objectives, time line, expected outcomes, team member assignments.  We recognize that the scope may change a little as you go, but by Jan. 21st we hope that you will have a pretty good idea of where you are headed with your project and what you can accomplish.

Weekly Status Memos

Each week following Jan. 7th your team will be required to submit a memo/report that includes what you have accomplished, important questions, and limitations in your approach.  This should be done in Spanish (an English version can accompany it, but the primary report should be in Spanish) and posted on your website with an email notification to everyone in your team and advising professor.  As we travel and return this requirement may be altered slightly.

Final Report and Presentation

You will make a final report documenting your work and findings. The length of the report is unspecified, but probably in the range of 5-10 pages.  The following is a guideline template for what sections you might include in your report:

Executive Summary (an extended abstract)
Materials (Data too) and Methods (Models used) - an overview of what you plan to do with the data and why
Discussion (impacts, what do your results mean - you might want to include something of the sustainability analysis from 471)


Each group will prepare a poster that can be used to represent the work of the project.  The poster should be informative, use good graphics, appear professional and include contributions from the entire group (we may do this while working together with our groups in Mexico).

Logistics Help

We need your help in planning and carrying out the travel itinerary.  Each team will be assigned the responsibility of planning and overseeing one of the major activities of the trip.  You may need to coordinate with people in Mexico for a group meal or activity or plan travel for site seeing, arrange for checking in/out of the hotel, etc.  We will provide a list of options later.

Individual Assignments

Teamwork Paper 25
Introduction Biography 10
Pre Survey Assessment 10
Post Survey Assessment 10
Research Journal & Log 50
Participation Hours 100
Final 20
Total 225


Teamwork Paper

Come to class prepared to discuss your experiences collaborating.  We expect a 2-3 page paper at the end of the semester summarizing what you learned from the discussions and your experience in collaborating with BYU and Mexican students.

Introduction Biography

WeI would like you to prepare a ½ to 1 page biography to introduce yourself.  Do this in Spanish if you can, English if you can’t.  Include a photo(s).  We need this emailed to me by Monday January 11th.

Pre Survey

Assessing the outcomes and effectivness of this class is very important to us. Please take the pre class survey before January 8th at:

Post Survey

Assessing the outcomes and effectivness of this class is very important to us. Please take the post class survey at:

Research Journal Log

We want you to log your participation hours and activities in this book.  You will turn it in weekly to your advising professor and at the end of the semester as a piece of the evidence of your participation.


You earn 1 point for each hour you participate, but only hours logged in the journal will count.  You can earn 50 points during our travel.  You should include time spent working together and individually in fulfilling assignments.

Team Participation

This will be the subjective part of your grade that we will decide together on at the end of the semester.


Details forthcoming.